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Greenpoint Knowledge Venture LLC is a startup conglomerate that offers consulting services for individuals, small businesses, and aspiring entrepreneurs through generative AI models and applications.

Our initiative is to help people improve their quality of life through financial education and help small businesses scale to be successful!

Our Services

Our outstanding professionals specialize in research evaluations tailored to your needs and provide assistance with credit repair, business workshops, and the development of real estate portfolios. Our mission is to empower individuals through financial education and assisting small businesses in achieving their goals and expanding their horizons. We are dedicated to providing effective and reliable assistance to help people enhance their quality of life.

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Credit consulting

Our credit consultations are designed for individuals and business owners looking to improve their credit or increase their equity lines.

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Real estate development in portfolio

Our services to our clients focus on real estate assessments, practices, and strategic insights on determining real estate investments and properties.

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Our expertise lies in crafting customized business evaluations using quantitative and qualitative research techniques to deliver strategic insights on industry analysis and consumer behavior.

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Let us help you achieve

  1. Evaluating your credit scores for all bureaus.
  2. Help you develop business credit.
  3. Assisting with market research evaluations.
  4. Identify the best AI applications to streamline your business.
  5. Negotiating buying or selling land properties.
  6. Find Venture Capital (VC) funding.

Clients and Partnerships


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Client Testimonials

The experiences of our clients are a testament to their importance to us.

What an incredible job by Greenpoint KV. They boosted my credit score to over 700 and I am beyond satisfied with the results!

Ileana Lorenzo

They were able to dispute a few items on my credit report. Now I'm ready to invest in another property.

- William Alverez

The team at Greenpoint Knowledge Venture gave me great strategies for leveraging my business funds.

- Sam Lipman-stern, Director, Documentarian (HBO, Forbes, VICE)

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1 Gateway Center, Suite 2600, Newark, NJ 07102


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